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  • Q: What do we do for heat?


    Our Teardrops are well insulated so a heat source isn’t necessary until temperatures reach the mid 30’s. Bellow that there’s a few options. When dry camping (camping without shore power) indoor safe propane heaters like “The Little Buddy” work well to heat but create moisture so be sure to use sparingly and vent well. If you have a power source an electric space heater is ideal and a small one is typically all you need. In any small camper condensation is a concern in cold weather camping, electric heat helps to keep the cabin dry and always vent a bit even in cold weather.

  • Q: Do you install air conditioning?


    Both doors have screened windows that open, between the windows and the 10 speed powered roof vent you get lots of cross ventilation so in most cases Air Conditioning is not needed. If you camp in extreme heat we can do a small side mounted 5,000 BTU unit. With any camper you purchase for an Air Conditioner to function it requires either 110V AC power (shore power) or a generator so the “AC Shore Power” option is also required.

  • Q: Will roof top solar work with a roof top tent?


    Not well. If you have or are planning on getting a roof top tent we recommend having us install a solar plug hardwired to the battery so you can plug in a portable suitcase style solar panel. You’ll want a panel around 80 watts and make sure it comes with a charge controller.

  • Q: Does the Teardrop come with leveling jacks?


    Every Teardrop comes with a wheeled tongue mounted trailer jack which does front to back leveling. For side to side leveling you can just move it around by hand to find the flat spot or in extremely slanted spots use rocks or leveling blocks to even out the low side. If you’re planning on using a roof tent we do suggest the rear leveling jack option so the people above don’t shake the trailer when shifting in the night.

  • Q: What kind of maintenance is required with my Teardrop?


    That’s the beauty of a Bend Teardrop, almost none. Unlike most campers there’s no need to winterize them or prepare for long term storage. Once a year you’ll want to tighten the wheels and lube the hubs which is easy to do with a grease gun and that’s about it.

  • Q: Do you warranty your Teardrops?


    Yes we warranty against manufactures defects for 2 years, which is a year longer then most our competition. We build them simply enough there’s not much that can go wrong but typically any issue can be fixed in a few hours. If something does occur we make any repairs a priority.

  • Q: Do the Teardrops lock?


    Yes each door has a latch lock that locks from the outside and a deadbolt that locks from the inside. The back hatch locks and so does the optional tongue mounted storage box.


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