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  • Q: How do I secure my Teardrop?


    There’s several options for hitch locks. We like the kind that lock through the hitch pin hole that way it’s secure driving down the road and when you get to camp you can unhook then lower the locking lever and reattach the lock. For long term outside storage a tire lock is recommend.

  • Q: On the Road (OTRCaravans) ... who?


    OTR is a Chinese designing factory owned and Australia Office, and selling camper trailer Caravans online here in Australia,in order to find a quality mini trailer suitable for Australian.

  • Q: Are you GST registered?


    We are a GST registered company.

  • Q: What about quality and what kind of warranty do you have?


    Our Caravns and tiny house are designed for Australian's challenging and changeable conditions and do what they're supposed to. We stand behind what we sell and have a standard 1 year warranty on our tents. For more info, pls contact Joe(CN) Or Evan Lee(AU).

  • Q: Can I buy your Travel Trailers from a local retailer?


    Coming Soon.............We also want someone can be OtrCaravans's dealer in Australia.Currently we're an online business.

  • Q: Where are the mini Caravans made?


    We’ve worked really hard to establish and maintain great working relationships with manufacturers of some big brands. Our tents are well made in China by reputable, experienced manufacturers alongside some of the world’s best-known brands.

  • Q: What about after sales service?


    We know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan so if you have any issues we’ll do our best to help you get things sorted as soon as possible. Our Backgroud is owned factory, for the mini off-road camper trailer' reputation of brand OTR.


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