Are Teardrop Trailers Worth It?

Jan. 16, 2024

The teardrop trailer's iconic, aerodynamic design and visual charm have influenced several mass-production RV manufacturers, leading them to incorporate the popular teardrop shape into larger campers. Despite this, classic teardrop trailers remain a favored and versatile option for various enthusiastic adventurers.


Explore the numerous features that contribute to the appeal of teardrop trailers for camping and determine if this compact and stylish option aligns with your preferences.




Teardrop trailers offer a visually appealing and convenient way to travel. Their compact design makes them easy to manage and tow. Typically, these trailers are considered compact RVs that often lack indoor kitchens or bathrooms.


However, many teardrop trailers feature an outdoor kitchenette accessible through a rear lift-up hatch. These outdoor kitchen spaces come with various customizable options to suit your outdoor cooking needs. In response to the needs of the teardrop trailer camping community, there are also customizable options available for bathroom solutions. While most interiors offer sleeping space for two adults and general storage, some customizable designs provide flexibility by allowing the bed to be converted into a comfortable sofa.


Teardrop trailer camping offers an exciting way to hit the road and embrace the outdoors. Here are some compelling reasons to own a teardrop trailer:


Teardrop trailers

1. Teardrop Trailers are Convenient


Teardrop trailers conveniently fit inside or next to your garage, eliminating the need to retrieve them from a storage facility before a weekend getaway. Moreover, teardrop trailers come equipped with essential camping amenities, requiring you to add only specific items for your trip, making them ready for adventure.


You don’t have to worry about setting up a tent or all the jacks, pop-outs, and hook-ups that come with a larger RV. You just roll into your campsite and unhitch.


2. Enjoy the Close Proximity to Nature


Teardrop campers offer a delightful compromise between a tent and a fully equipped RV. Say goodbye to sleeping on the ground, as teardrop trailers provide the luxury of a queen-size mattress!


The cabin windows create an ideal setting for late-night stargazing, allowing you to relish the comforts of home without disconnecting from the beauty of the great outdoors.


3. Teardrop Trailers are Compact


Due to their compact size, teardrop trailers typically provide comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to two adults. This makes teardrops ideal for empty nesters, couples with a small child, or families with self-sufficient children who can sleep in a tent nearby.


The advantage of owning a smaller camper is the ability to venture off the grid and explore boondocking sites or remote campsites. Unlike larger RVs, teardrop trailers are generally permitted at most tent sites!


4. Teardrop Trailer Can be Towed by Most Daily Drivers


One of the reasons teardrops are popular is their lightweight design. This translates into easier towing, more travel opportunities, and no need to upgrade to a gas-guzzling truck for additional torque.


Teardrops typically weigh between 2,500-4,000 lbs, which means, as long as you have a hitch on your vehicle, you can tow the majority of teardrop trailers with an average passenger vehicle.


5. Teardrop Trailer Prices


Teardrop trailers range in price. In general, you can expect to pay $7,000 to $12,000 for a low-end camper and $23,000 and up for a higher-end option. Compared to an RV, which will also require a higher gas budget and more maintenance requirements, teardrops are an affordable and comfortable alternative.


6. Embrace the Nomadic Lifestyle


If you aspire to live life on the open road with your compact and towable home in tow, a teardrop trailer is perfect for you. Whether you've recently retired, have a passion for camping, or simply seek a change of scenery, teardrops can unlock a world of exciting adventures.


Moreover, with the increasing trend of remote work, you have the flexibility to hit the road and use your teardrop trailer as your private office, parked in picturesque locations.


A teardrop offers a more practical alternative to "van life," where road enthusiasts convert a passenger van into a living space with a bed, small kitchen, or wash area. Unlike a van, a teardrop enables you to maintain a similar lifestyle while keeping your living and driving spaces separate.




If you're seeking to venture off the beaten path, a teardrop trailer will unveil a whole new realm of travel possibilities. Teardrop trailers offer an optimal choice for those desiring stylish and comfortable travel with a focus on convenience. With spacious windows and a cozy bed, a teardrop camper ensures comfort while relishing the scenic views. Customize your teardrop trailer with FCT for a personalized experience.

Teardrop trailers


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